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Interior Design

Interior Design is the process of the built environment, for example, a renovation, new build, hospitality or commercial fit-out, or multi-residential work.


This includes configuring and/or reconfiguring floor plans; the design of kitchens, bathrooms and cabinetry; lighting and electrical plans; and selecting materials, fittings and finishes, such as tiles, flooring and tapware.

See a few of our latest residential projects.

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Project Stages

Before commencing our engagement, we will arrange an initial meeting to discuss the project scope, requirements and the client’s vision.


From this conversation, we will form a project brief and a detailed Fee Proposal that breaks down the four key stages of the design process which include:

The initial stage of the design process begins with sourcing images to communicate the aesthetic direction.


Layouts are tested to establish the best use of space and achieve the most functional floor plan.


Spaces are modelled in 3D to further demonstrate our design vision and preliminary materials and finishes are collated to communicate the tactility of our design.


Design Development

Following client feedback from the Design Concept that we have presented, Design Development involves integrating finer details and considering how the built components are to be constructed.


This is also the stage in which

  • tiles,

  • stone

  • tapware and plumbing fixtures

  • lighting and electrical

  • fittings and hardware, and

  • products are refined.


Spatial planning, functionality and cabinetry proportions are also drafted.


A detailed construction package is drafted to communicate the design and details to the builder and on-site contractors, such as

  • the cabinetmaker,

  • electrician,

  • plumber and

  • tiler.


The Construction Documentation drawing set includes such elements as:

  • floor plans,

  • elevations,

  • sections and details

  • Fittings and Finishes Schedule to meticulously communicate the complete design.

This information ensures an accurate quoting process by builders and or/contractors, with all information required, from the materiality to fittings and hardware, clearly detailed. While variations are inevitable in construction, this package eliminates the guesswork and inaccurate allowances. This also enables accuracy when comparing multiple builders' quotes.


Construction Services

During the construction phase, we schedule routine site visits to ensure the project is being built to specifications.


This service includes:

  • Overseeing check measures with cabinet makers and stonemasons

  • Reviewing cabinetry shop-drawings

  • Feilding phone calls from builders and contractors

  • Reviewing quotes

  • Meetings with builders and trades

  • Assistance with resolving unforeseen issues that arise on-site.

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