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Residential Interior Design

This 1950s weatherboard home had endured a few modifications over the years. The brief was to modernise the house and create a greater connection to the rear garden. 

The client wanted to connect the kitchen and living spaces to the garden, which originally only had access through an adjacent laundry. Spatial flow and light were important, however the client didn’t want a completely open-plan response. 


It was important for the client to maintain the traditional 1950s feel of the original house while creating a contemporary, stylish and functional kitchen. The design needed to have presence within the living area yet sit comfortably with the client’s decoration and artworks; it needed ‘wow factor’ while being familiar and comfortable. The budget was limited, so we needed to think outside the box to provide a stylish kitchen without compromising on the finishes. 


To save on costs, the kitchen was kept in its existing space so that we could retain the plumbing and appliance locations. However, to improve the flow of the space, we were able to reorientate the space and move the opening, thus allowing for both new doors to access the garden and create a private end to the kitchen. To meet the design and budget brief, a hierarchy of needs was given within the space, so money was spent on hero elements such as marble benchtops and sculptural exhaust rangehoods, while the functional zones were pared back to laminate. 

Photographer: Hannah Puechmarin

Styling: Alice Duffield

Cabinetry: Sunshine State Cabinets

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