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Residential Interior Design

Stafford Heights Residence undertook an expansion by the addition of a generous new wing, delivering a secluded and peaceful Master retreat.

Rigid, angular forms were detailed for the exterior, where garden-beds integrate seamlessly with robust architectural elements to add both exuberance and softness. An abundance of planting and greenery sing proudly against the achromatic palette and clean lines of the home. Interior spaces are airy, grounding and calming, visually immersed with an evergreen exterior.

Expansive glazing is detailed in the form of over height window, large sliding doors and skylights, that flood the interiors with a warm glow of natural light, enriching cool-toned materials and finishes.

A masculine balance of textures and hues give the home a sense of restraint and calmness. Sturdy elements create tension against soft fabrics and textiles. Light-heartedness and quirk come together through the use of earthy textures and vivid hues. Pieces by artists CJ Hendry, Fernando Bengoechea and Gerwyn Davies layer walls, adding colour and personality to a base of textural and tonal elements.

Interior Design - Cg Design Studio
Builder -Spencer Constuctions 

Cabinet Maker - Thomas and Spencer 

Photography -Hannah Puechmarin