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Studio Director & Head Interior/Building Designer

Diploma of Interior and Building Design


Christopher founded CG Design Studio in 2014 after 10 years of experience as a Senior Interior Designer at a leading Brisbane design firm.

When he was gifted his first drawing board at nine, Christopher had a passion for sketching homes. Extensive childhood travels, taking in the grand old buildings of Europe and the elaborate decorations of Asia, then opened his mind to the possibilities of architecture and design.


“I find a lot of my inspiration comes from travel and new experiences. Absorbing the ideas surrounding how others live within, decorate and use spaces in different countries and cultures sparks curiosity inside me and prompts the consideration of how these concepts can be integrated into CG projects.”

Christopher’s style is ever-evolving, taking cues from a building’s past and how clients live, responding to each bespoke project in a way that will enhance their lifestyle.

“I like to get the details right and then overlay the aesthetics”. Christopher thoroughly enjoys the process of manipulating and rearranging spaces for optimal functionality before overlaying beautiful elements to resolve the design.

With hotel design prevalent among Christiopher’s accolades, an ever-present goal would be to combine his love of travel and design by expanding his portfolio across Asia’s luxury resort scene.

“I love how great hotels in the Asian Pacific combine luxury with the intricacy of local craftsmanship. It also sounds like a fabulous site visit.”


Senior Interior Designer

Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration


Julia is inspired by built environments that have the ability to transform how you feel. Beautiful, well-designed, relaxed spaces that can still evoke a sense of liveliness. 


As a designer, Julia is passionate about spaces that have a great atmosphere and leave a lasting impression. Julia endeavours to undertake further projects across the boutique hotel, restaurant, and bar sectors.

“It is exciting to be awarded the unique creative freedom that comes with hospitality projects.”


Regarding residential design, Julia is drawn to light, earthy, open spaces that embody indoor-outdoor connection, well-suited to the Queensland lifestyle. In contrast, Julia also has an affinity for interiors that have moments of encapsulating warmth and richness, resulting in a dynamic and layered approach to design.

From robust stones, warm timbers and soft organic fibres, Julia loves natural materials and their unique textural diversity. “Sourcing materials and finishes that form a diverse yet harmonious palette and applying them conceptually in 3D form is the beginning of an enthralling process, which transcends further as the functionality of the space comes to fruition”.


Julia enjoys travelling to islands with picturesque natural beauty and a strong sense of culture.  “Among my favourite destinations are Mykonos, Majorca, and Isla Mujeres. For me, holidays are for relaxing on a stunning beach and having the luxury of enjoying local cuisine right there on the sand”.


Interior & Building Designer

BSc ElectEng, Diploma of Building Design / Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration


Adrià was raised in the Catalan region of Spain. Beginning his career in London, Adrià worked on high-end residential and hospitality projects as an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager before moving to Australia in 2018 to pursue his studies in Building Design and Interior Design.


Adrià is drawn to design with a strong connection to the encompassing landscape. He describes his ideal project as “A climate-conscious building in a remote area. A mid-century modern dwelling with large-scale windows connecting living and outdoor areas, designed with passive design principles in mind.”

Maximising a space’s potential and intricately studying the project's design opportunities is at the forefront of Adrià’s design ethos. The concept stage is where his passion lies; “The constant exploration of ideas and the dynamic brainstorming involved in this stage are always exciting”.


Regarding working drawings, Adrià’s technical skill and level of detail are second to none.


Adrià is appreciative of well-designed fittings and objects to incorporate into his projects. He has the ability to source unique pieces, such as artisanal lighting from all corners of the globe, giving his projects a bespoke edge.

Regarding travel, Adrià enjoys the balance of culture, architecture, and the natural landscape, with Germany and Switzerland at the top of his to-visit list. He also endeavours to spend time exploring the wild nature in Asia. 


Junior Interior Designer

Bachelor of Design (Interior Architecture)


Lauryn joined the CG team in 2023. While she is early in her career, she possesses exceptional design knowledge and demonstrates a level of advanced technical skills beyond her years.

With a passion for projects that integrate seamlessly with the environment, Lauryn draws inspiration from the unique nature of a home’s past and surroundings.

In her design response, Lauryn strongly emphasises honouring a project's original architectural character and historical features while viewing the space’s potential through a fresh and innovative lens.

“Whether set against the backdrop of the Australian coastline or nestled into the rumble of an urban landscape, the geographical context often becomes a strong guiding factor.”

Lauryn’s ability to achieve thoughtful interiors stems from her youthful yet mature design approach, amalgamating past and future aesthetics and details.

“I love drawing on design characteristics from past eras and giving it a new spin on life by blending aspects of modern contemporary architecture. I think the blend of both past and future design helps create a space that will withstand the test of time.”

Regarding holiday destinations, Lauryn fell in love with the South Island of New Zealand. She found the charm of the exquisite landscape captivating and inspiring. “For such a small portion of the world, it has so much to offer and is such a natural beauty that speaks for itself”. Lauryn is also visiting Europe in 2024.  


Interior & Building Designer

Diploma of Building Design and Diploma of Interior Design


CG welcomed Val to the team in 2023. With a background in Hospitality Management, Val brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the studio.

Val also has a strong appreciation for traditional and mid-century design details. Inspired by the detail and presence of architecture of decades past and vintage furnishings, Val takes cues from these elements, interpreting them with a modern design edge.

“As a lover of older buildings, homes and vintage furnishings, I am always inspired by the history and location of a project and will always strive to find a balance between the old and new”.

Val is driven by witnessing a client’s excitement when the initial design concept is presented. “It's a pivotal point where ideas take tangible form, and the collaborative vision begins to materialize, setting the tone for the entire design journey.”

Val enjoys spending time at Brunswick Heads, drawn to the picturesque natural beauty and exquisite local cuisine on offer. Internationally, Morocco stands out as one of her favourite destinations. “Morrocco is rich in culture, food and incredible landscapes. Exploring the vibrant souks and interacting with local artisans for unique ceramics and leather goods will remain one of my favourite memories”.


Decoration Manager

Diploma of Art & Design


Nicole joined the CG team in late 2022 after relocating from Melbourne, where she worked in a leading Interior design studio.  With a background in studio management and interior decoration, Nicole has also worked in London, arming her with unique skills and industry knowledge.


With a great eye for design, Nicole is passionate about sourcing unique and beautifully designed furniture and pieces to complete a space.

Creating spaces that withstand the test of time, marrying classic and contemporary elements to deliver a result that sparks joy, is at the core of Nicole’s design values. She describes her style as “Modern-classic, with a few statement pieces that steal the show”.

Nicole’s most adored holiday destination is Lake Orta, Italy, which she first visited on her honeymoon.


Operations Manager

Dip. Tourism, BBuss (Acctg & Marketing), DipFinPlan, AdvDipFinPlan and MBA.


With a diverse background and skill set derived from experience within the tourism, sales, accounting, and financial sectors, Justin brings a wealth of practical administrative knowledge to the team.

Perfecting business methods and processes is Justin’s forte. He has a forward-thinking approach to business practises that ensures the CG team can thrive. Wearing many administrative hats, Justin supports the design team while constantly seeking ways to improve the flow of practices. 

Despite coming from a place of analytical thinking, Justin also appreciates the principles and aesthetics of design. He admires carefully considered design elements and loves unique and bespoke pieces, particularly art, which is on display in his home.

An avid traveller, Justin’s favourite country to visit is France. “The whole country is rich with culture, art, amazing food, and passion for the culture, and it is inspiring.”

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