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Hospitality Design

Brand Development 

A place for gathering, Como was designed to mimic the intimate, sophisticated social dining experience synonymous with Lake Como. Elevated yet humble, the space is both welcoming and refined, with the centrally located bar as the beating heart of the restaurant, surrounded by intimate dining settings. 


Taking cues from classic Italian architecture, the rich, burgundy Venetian plaster is comforting and bold, offset by the marble's subtle green, beige, and rust tones. Handmade, dimly lit feature lighting adds to the intimate ambience as the soft glow dances across the texture of the plaster walls.


The space layout was planned around the centralised bar, grounded by four structural columns. A hub of activity injecting a theatrical experience for diners. Custom burgundy steel shelving was anchored to these structural elements, breaking the eye-line to the low ceilings, which were embraced and finished in burgundy Venetian plaster. The private dining room is internalised and has a low-set ceiling, which was embraced by introducing a custom-print wallpaper that adds drama. Steel and fluted glass screening created delineation and privacy, further enhanced with soft curtaining.


Two separate food-preparation areas were defined in the planning. The central cooking zone was tucked away at the back of the restaurant, while the pizza oven was situated front-of-house amongst the diners.