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The Bullnose is Back

Love it or hate it… but the bullnose is back! We have been seeing this design trend popping up over the last year or so and have to say – we are fully on board! With natural shapes and curves prominent in interior design these days, it’s natural that bringing a little curve back to traditionally squared edges was next. If you’re still unsure how you feel about this one, keep reading and maybe we can bring you over to Team Bullnose!

Credit: Tamsin Johnson

The recent resurgence of the bullnose isn’t limited to benchtops. This oversized bullnose desk by Tamsin Johnson gives off a luxe Hollywood Regency vibe, with her signature bit of quirk. The mix of the matte white bullnose drawers with the shiny brass desktop and kick is the perfect pairing in the space.

Credit: Blainey North

This contemporary kitchen from Blainey North brings in curves from head to toe. The repetition of the gentle, but oversized curve throughout brings a cohesion to the space, tying the elements of the room together. The oversized, double bullnose featured in the bulkhead and cooktop alcove, along with the fun curved kick on the island bench add a layer of playfulness to this otherwise elegant and achromatic kitchen.

Credit: Flack Studio

Always pushing design boundaries, Flack Studio is behind this tonal bathroom. Reimagining the bullnose by repeating it down the body of the vanity enhances the effect of the curve, resulting in a rippled effect that ties perfectly into the marine colours throughout the space.

Credit: Arent&Pyke

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an oversized bullnose, a smaller radius curved edge adds just as much charm and softness into a space. This subtle bullnose benchtop in a recent project by Arent&Pyke adds a hint of softness that offsets the surrounding hard surfaces in the space.


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