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Stone Trends

We have put together a list of 6 stone products making waves in the world of design. From natural beauties to manmade alternatives, we have the current front-runners and future-favourites covered below.


A stone you are likely to have seen featured heavily in your Instagram feed in 2019 is Super White Dolomite. Striking in the combination of cool grey and white veining, this natural stone has been so prominent due to its ability to perfectly compliment the likes of charcoal, light grey and white cabinetry which have dominated the kitchen scene for yet another year. Super White also lends itself beautifully to palettes featuring timber or coloured cabinetry, particularly captivating when paired with blues or sage green.  Despite being much softer than Granite, Dolomite is notably more durable than marble, making it a desirable substitution for Carrara.


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