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Best Indoor Plants for Queenslanders

As a small child I ate a poisonous indoor plant which I think is the reason that for so many years I was very anti the indoor plant and didn’t realise the positive impact plants for offices and houses have on people. But alas I have come around and even find myself hunting down the best options to add to my home. The strong trend towards indoor plants is not only an aesthetic one – with a focus on green building architecturally, indoor plants can help improve the air quality of your home by filtering toxins given off by carpets and furniture. They are also said to have a calming effect if you’re not too stressed out by keeping them alive! After doing lots of research on sites like Bloomspace and other environmental websites, we have created a list of the best indoor plants especially for Queenslanders. If you would like to grow your own marijuana indoors, if it is legal in your country, then you may want to invest in The 5 Best Commercial LED Grow Lights to make it easier to grow.


Otherwise known as the stunning Birds of Paradise, this baby likes lots of sun and brightness, so keep that in mind when choosing its home within your home. You want to water the Strelitzia whenever the top layer of soil is dry – and they will need to be fertilised once a month – hungry critters

Monstera Deliciosa

The stunning Monstera can grow into a bit of a wild monster of a plant so put it somewhere spacious and let it shine as a feature piece. To make sure you don’t overwater, pop your finger an inch or so into the soil and if it’s dry, it needs a drink. This monster likes to be placed in a bright room with filtered sunlight to really blossom.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

While the fiddle leaf fig is quite possibly the most popular indoor plant at the moment, it’s not actually as easy to look after as we might like. It’s easy for the leaves to begin to brown and can go down hill quite quickly so make sure you don’t overwater this one. Use your fingers to feel if the top inch of soil in your pot is dry – if it IS, then it’s time to water. Water evenly and be sure that the soil can drain well, you don’t want the pot sitting in a pool of water.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a classic indoor plant that remains timeless. Pop it in a big pot or you’ll start to see some wilting and preferably in a shady part of the house. Only water this one when the soil is actually dry but be sure to get a spray bottle and mist the leaves a few times a week.

Mother in Law’s Tongue

Perfect for brown thumbs. Much like the typical mother-in-law, this is one tough cookie that can be placed in a variety of environments and places in your home whether sun or shade. Don’t overwater, these ones can last ages with no watering but try and give them a monthly drink. They are also really easy to propagate for friends and family.

To decide what plants will be best for your home talk to your local nursery.

…and don’t forget to water them.


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