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2022 Design Trends

1. Vintage Accents

“Collect objects that make you feel good” – Kelly Wearstler

Ever wondered what it is about the design inspiration that stops you mid-Instagram scroll? We bet something in it is vintage. Vintage accessories, accents and furniture add so much personality to a space, contributing to the overall feel of your home. We love to scroll sites like 1st Dibs, Chairish, Nicholas & Alistair and vintage sellers on Instagram to source items and inspiration to add that little something extra to our projects.

Objects sourced from 1st Dibs

2. Textured Concrete Furniture and Joinery

There has been a rise in the use of rendered finishes, like textured micro-concrete and plaster, over the last few years and we don’t expect it to fade anytime soon. Adding layers of texture to spaces, we are seeing this trend pop up on everything from kitchen islands to side tables. If you are looking for a way to dip your toe into this one - Why not try a textured table lamp or decorative object?

Images top L to R: Alexander &Co, ObjectX, CLO Studios + Peppa Hart, Dries de Malsche

3. Brown

Maybe not what you expected us to include on this list, but brown has been making its way back into vogue over the last few years and we predict you will be seeing a lot more of it over 2022. We are on board, and loving all things earth toned currently, including mid-toned timber floors, wall paneling, and soft furnishings and luxe fabrics.

Images top L - R: Curated Spaces, DeSede, Pierre Yovanovitch, Kelly Wearstler

4. Caribbean Colonial

Coined by Kate Walker Design, we are obsessed with this take on traditional British Colonial style, that blends traditional design with colourful, fun elements to create a joyful lived-in style, perfectly suited to Australia. KWD describes Caribbean Colonial as “beautiful formality with relaxed conviviality”, that draws on southern Florida for inspiration. Her recently completed home, ‘Biscayne’, is a Caribbean Colonial dream come true.

Images by Kate Walker Design

5. Decorative Metalwork

We have had our eye on this for a while, seeing fun, unique shapes popping up in many different applications, including balustrades, shelving and decorative accents. We are here for all things “more fun” in 2022 and this definitely ticks all the boxes.

Images top L - R: Alice McMullin, Rachel Donath, Lucy Montgomery, Merci Maison


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