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2021 Design Trends

There is no denying that 2020 will go down as one of the most notable years of our lifetime. The effects of the global pandemic have been felt across all industries, some more detrimentally than others. The local Architecture, Interior Design and Construction industry has been, mostly, one of the ‘lucky ones’. In fact, with the population being cooped up within our own four walls, neighbourhood or state, we are looking towards our own environment and surroundings for comfort. Perhaps it’s in missing the annual holiday, or the fact that this time has forced us to review and shift our priorities, that has led to some prioritising updates to their living spaces.

With 2021 on the horizon, and the vast majority ready to embrace it with open arms, we look at the trend predictions in the world of design. A common theme is emerging – we want our surroundings to be interesting, textural, warm and inviting.


As we are well and truly moving away from ultra-sleek, clinical and cold spaces, we are becoming increasingly drawn to texture and warmth. While texture has been celebrated in recent years in textiles, we are now looking to our walls and hard materials for textural interest. Combed plaster is becoming increasingly prevalent, due to its earthy and alluring aesthetic. This finish may be in linear form or have a unique, continuous pattern. The beauty is in the depth it gives to a flat surface, playing on light and shadow and gives contemporary spaces a sense of maturity.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Arteriors Home


You only have to look to the latest seasonal launches and catwalk to see that the world is craving colour. Uplifting and vibrant hues are predicted for future fashion seasons, and we see this transferring into interior design and architecture, with both industries undeniably intertwined.

In contrast to simple white or black kitchens and bathrooms, as designers, we are noticing a shift toward beautiful, spectrum of tones becoming increasingly desired. Liveliness and fun can be injected into a space through bold soft furnishings and coloured carpets. From hues of green to terracotta we are embracing the trend towards richness in cabinetry and paint colours that are both liveable and stimulating.

Credit: Kennedy Nolan

Credit: Fowler and Ward

Credit: Kennedy Nolan

Credit: Chelsea Hing


It’s no secret that curves have had a strong grip on the architecture and interior design world for a while now. From arched openings to rounded walls and cabinetry, this trend has broken the straight run of sleek angular spaces that dominated through the noughties.

Sculptural accent pieces and décor are now a favoured inclusion when it comes to styling and decorating. Statement pieces flaunting organic and often ‘odd’ forms, give softness to often robust materials such as natural stone or solid timber. These striking objects and elements inject personality and interest into spaces, becoming a functional piece of art.

This transfers to in-built elements, such as tiles and cabinetry profiles. Beautifully carved materials, fluted and scalloped marble and stone are giving a fresh and modern take on these usually sleek surfaces.

Credit: Tamsin Johnson + Den Holm + Rae's at Wategos

Credit: En Gold

Credit: Richards & Spence + Lobby Bar + Calile Hotel

Credit: Skcheme Tiles

METALLIC CABINETRY An emerging cabinetry trend to watch is using metallic elements as feature joinery. Stemming from the shift towards accents of warm metals in tapware and hardware, we are seeing this extend to in-built elements. Utilising materials such as brass or aged bronze give a space softness, warmth and contrast, particularly when paired with sleeker finishes.

Living metals will patina over time, getting more beautiful with age as they adapt to their environment. We have noticed this growing trend featuring heavily in kitchens, particularly striking as a statement, such as an oversized exhaust boxes or island bench.

Credit: Studio Lifestyle

Credit: CG Design Studio

Credit: Auhaus


In furnishings, we are loving the rise in block printed fabrics and wallpapers. These textiles introduce pattern to a space in a relaxed manner. Particularly beautiful when printed on a natural base cloth, such as linen, these fabrics bring handmade and personal charm to a space. The bespoke and artisanal nature of these fabrics and wallpapers is becoming increasingly desired as we move away from the tendency of mass-produced textiles.

Credit: Annie Coop

Credit: Imogen Heath Interiors

Credit: Bonnie & Neil


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