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Residential Interior Design

Shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2023 – Residential Design

On a steeply sloping site, an extensive build is perched beyond a classic cottage façade, where contemporary curves are underpinned by mid-century lines.

Engaged as both building and interior designers, we were involved across all aspects of the design, culminating in a cohesive resolution that encompassed the site. Drawing inspiration from mid-century architecture and driven by the client’s passion for unique, highly detailed design resulted in a robust base of materiality, from concrete to brickwork, layered with warm, bespoke timber elements and unexpectedly colour-saturated spaces.

Considered spatial planning achieved a generous sense of space, despite the elongated floor plan dictated by the narrow nature of the site. The home spans elusively over three levels, giving the notion of unanticipated expansiveness, while communal and private zones are carefully distinguished, allowing for separation of activity. 

Interior Design - Cg Design Studio

Cabinet Maker - In2Joining 

Photography - Brock Beazley