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Interior Design 

We worked with our client to update her 1940s Bungalow. She had done some renovations when she purchased the home, but now that her children were older and leaving home, it was time to refresh.
Subtle hints of blue and blush in the textiles selected are paired with neutrals to create an inviting living room. At the same time, diverse natural fibres enrich the understated palette of the central Dining Room. Inspired by Californian Bungalow homes, the architectural characteristics and décor forms lend themselves to this charming aesthetic.
The main bedroom added new joinery, and the window configuration led us to design a custom bedhead that frames the window. By using calming blue was paired with an energetic green creating a fun and sophisticated bedroom.
A secondary bedroom in the middle of the house was claimed as a den, and given its limited access to light, we embraced the darkness by leaning into a masculine whisky palate by painting the walls in rich tobacco and pairing this with textural fabrics, leather, and marble.
The outdoor terrace was extended to create an external living and entertaining space. The expansive area also allowed for a better visual connection to the garden, while integrated seating formed an additional entertaining space.
A richer interpretation of the main house was utilised for the retreat and study space palette. Against the distinct tobacco paint detail that anchors the perimeter of the space, layers of pattern and texture in blue and terracotta add curated dimension.

Interior Design  - CG Design Studio

Photography - Jack Gibson