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Interior Design 

CG Design was brought on board to reinvigorate and update a beautiful estate on the outskirts of Brisbane, breathing fresh life into the home and updating it to suit the changing needs of the homeowners. Preserving the character of the home while aesthetically enhancing the classic detailing with a lighter and complementary palette was a guiding principle throughout the process.

The overall aesthetic of the home was refreshed by introducing a lighter palette of colours and the selection of wallpapers and fabrics that feature contemporary interpretations of classic styles and patterns. Tweaking the floor plan of the kitchen allowed for the creation of a full butler’s pantry, increasing storage and functionality while maintaining connection to the adjacent family room. Classic detailing was utilized throughout the interior and exterior, reflected in the furniture, lighting and joinery design, allowing the traditional bones of the home to shine through. This large-scale renovation respects the original integrity of the home, while invigorating it for its next phase of life. 

Interior Design  - CG Design Studio

Builder - Petro Builders

Photography - Mindi Cooke