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Residential Interior Design & Decorating

Although contemporary and of quality substance, this Bardon home was longing for design intervention to sustain it’s youthful feel.

Design intervention and decorative finishes were introduced to layer minimalistic spaces injecting a homely, personable and inviting aesthetic. 

Natural, textural fibres such as rattan and Tasmanian Oak gave this project an earthy and relaxed feel. The kitchen was updated with glazed mosaic finger tiles, oak cabinetry and a sleek hand-crafted pendant light by a talented Australian craftsmen.

Our client had a strong appreciation for artisans and up and coming creatives. We sourced hand designed and printed textiles, including beautiful Indigenous Australian wallpaper, which pairs beautifully with the earthy natural linens.


Interior Design - Cg Design Studio
Decoration - Cg Design Studio

Cabinet Maker - In2Joinery
Photography - Hannah Peuchmarin

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