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Top Australian Photographic Artists of 2017

Whether you’re re-designing your kitchen or even bathroom, photographic art can find it’s place on your wall. Gone are the days of cheesy sunset shots over the beach being your only option for photo art. With so many new artists popping up over the last few years, photos can be a really gorgeous addition to your art collection. We’ve collated our favourite few for you to check out. Let us know if you think we’ve missed any!

Kara Roselund

You may have seen Kara pop up on your Instagram feed. A more stunning Insta account would be hard to find. Kara does beautiful classic Australiana type pieces. Think rustic rural scenes, wild animals and all things raw and earthy. Kara has an extensive shop over at her website with box sets or large print options. 

Alex Buckingham

Alex is a Brisbane based photographer selling his art through his online store. Alex does everything from landscapes and still life all the way to architecture photography.

Aqua Bumps

Aquabumps is all about the beach and water. Creative Director Eugene shoots at daybreak constantly searching for unique angles weather it be from a helicopter or cliffs or underwater. We love the arial shots of the water.

Clare Estelle Print Shop

Claire is actually a Brisbane based wedding photographer but head to her Print Shopon her website and you’ll find a stunning selection of landscape and nature photographs. Really reasonably priced, one of Claire’s photographs is the perfect addition to your wall.

Joanne Piechota

Joanne does stunning soft landscapes – think dreamy pastels.

Do you have some favourite photographic artists from Australia that you love? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list!

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