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The Designer’s Guide to 2018 Autumn Trends

As we say farewell to Summer, Christopher and the team have gathered their picks for the hottest design trends for Autumn 2018.

Matt finishes

Forget polished surfaces and shiny metals, matt isthe latest trend for contemporary design lovers. Matt finishes create a softer, more subtle finish.

An example of this is the new Steel Matt Range launched by Colorbond. Available in a number of colours and profiles, this look is a popular choice with architects. With it’s soft and subtle finish, we don’t see this trend ending anytime soon.

Check out Colourbond for more details

And it’s not just exteriors where we’re seeing the Matt trend flourish. Laminex have launched their Absolute Matte Series, creating a luxurious softness to interior joinery. Available in a selection of popular colours and timber grains, we love the elegance of this range. An added bonus  is that it is a cost effective alternative to 2pac and timber veneer finishes. Visit their website for more information.

Fixtures are also getting the Matt treatment with tapware for the kitchen and bathroom moving away from chrome and coloured fittings. We’ve recently seen a growing demand for matt finishes like satin stainless and brushed nickel.

Accessories – Pattern & Texture

It’s time to let go of the love affair for those chevron cushions, and add some texture in your life! This is a trend which has wide appeal. Even if you’re not a fan of colour, you can maintain a neutral tone and yet still achieve a striking, layered look.

Statement cushions can be hard to find so we suggest looking for brands such as Canvas and Sasson, Globe West and Bonnie & Neil at your favourite homewares stores.

2018 Autumn Design ‘Nots’


The Scandi trend has been around for a while, popular for its light timbers, clean lines and cool tones. However we’ve noticed a move away from Scandi inspiration towards a combination of contemporary design styles. Although Scandi isn’t disappearing completely, now’s the time to mix it up with antiques, darker timbers and upholstery to create a more inviting and warm atmosphere.


High-shine ceramic tiles throughout the home is no longer the trend it once was. However, it can be used against other finishes such as pairing it with matt to give a softer, more contemporary vibe in the bathroom.

When it’s comes to the kitchen, we’ve never been a fan of gloss cabinetry. This looks now seems to be a ‘no no’, not just because of the visual aspect but also because it’s often difficult to clean and easily shows marks and fingerprints.

Glass Splash Backs

Glass splash backs is another gloss finish that’s had it day both visually and functionally. Now’s the time to look a little further afield with your kitchen splash back as there are some amazing tile choices available.

We love Earp Bros, new to Brisbane, they stock some amazing options that will add a uniqueness to your kitchen.

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